EEE project ideas

Projects for EEE department are always challenging and interesting both at the same time, because of the very nature of electrical projects. At Ingens Tech EEE projects is one of our core areas and we offer hundreds of projects for EEE department across the various fields that are related to the EEE department. We offer a very good mixture of IEEE projects for EEE department as well some innovative real time projects that address the specific demands of a country like India. Following are some of the broad categories in which projects for EEE department are possible.
  • Power Electronics
  • Power Systems
  • Electrical Machines
  • Special Machines
  • Power Distribution Networks
  • Unconventional Power resources
  • Renewable Power Resources
  • Inverters and Converters
  • Simulation Projects
  • Industrial Projects
  • Power conservation and efficiency improvement

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A Good Abstract
In addition to these students in the EEE department can also undertake projects in general electronics related fields, which open up even more possibilities for a good final year project work. Project for EEE are interesting and challenging because of the significant current and voltages involved in these projects. This allows very little room for error and hence they are interesting. At the same time EEE projects are interesting because most often than not they are based on efficiency improvement in any aspect of electrical engineering which in turn leads to power saving and conservation.